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Design Support: Design Interventions
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Design Interventions

The Design Support programme manages design interventions in diverse sectors including healthcare, agri-processing and education to demonstrate the positive value that design can deliver. Working closely with project partners, we take them through a design thinking process to co-design and test solutions.

The objective of these projects is to demonstrate the value of design to those involved in the projects, and to create case studies that can be used to educate others and increase demand for design.


Design in Health:
Co-create Health Project

The Design Support programme was responsible for driving the inception and implementation of the Co-Create Health project which involved working in two Provincial clinics in Delft and Reed Street, Bellville, to run a design-thinking process with staff to come up with improvement ideas. This project was carried out in collaboration with Netherlands-based medical and tech company Philips.

The health project involved recruiting an interdisciplinary design team consisting of a service designer, a medical anthropologist, two behavioural designers and a graphic designer to conduct primary research at the two clinics to understand how patient folder management systems are linked to waiting time. The research mapped the journey of a patient (and their folder) through the facility from arrival to departure in order to gain a holistic understanding of the systems that governed the functioning of the clinic.

This research was used to build an Experience Flow (also known as a journey map) – a graphic interpretation of the patient’s journey through the clinic, tracking each stage of the patient’s experience, as well as the staff members they interacted with.

The Experience Flow was presented at a co-design workshop that was attended by a mix of stakeholders including representatives from Provincial Metro Health Management, a diverse mix of representatives from each clinic including clerks, doctors, pharmacists, security and help-desk personnel, and the design team. During the workshop participants identified issues and worked on developing low-cost, easily implementable solutions to address these.

In the months following the workshop priority ideas were agreed upon and further developed by staff and the design team.  The final ideas approved by Provincial management included:

Delft - creating time slots for prescription patients to ease bottlenecks in the early morning and introducing a wayfinding system in the clinic for patients to find their way around more easily.

Reed Street - amending the current patient booking system to allow more time for staff to set-up in the morning and introducing a colour-coding system for patient folders so they cannot be misfiled.

Read more about the project here

The project was made possible through the support of the #CocreateSA Fund, an initiative of the Dutch Consul General.

Design in Health:
The City of Cape Town Service Design Project


Off the back of the Co-Create Health project the Design Support programme was awarded a grant from the Dutch government to scale this work to three City clinics - Albow Gardens, Wallacedene, and Town 2 in Khayelitsha. The year-long project included a clinic improvement element, a ‘Design in Healthcare’ conference, and the creation of a stakeholder forum for practitioners, government and students working within the design and health improvement space.

Design in High Schools


In 2016, the CDI ran a design intervention at Windermere High School, a working-class school in Kensington, to demonstrate how a design thinking process can lead to improvements in a high school context.


We worked with students from the AAA School of Advertising, and staff and learners from Windermere High School to identify areas for improvement and co-design solutions. The process aimed to teach all participants how to use design thinking to address issues in their immediate surroundings. 


Design in Agri-processing


Agri-processing is a key sector for the Western Cape Province with great potential for economic growth and job creation. We explored how design can be used to boost innovation in the sector with regards to packaging.


Read more about the project here


This project was funded by the Dutch #CocreateSA fund, an initiative of the Dutch Consul General.

Design Support

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